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Software for microsensor measurements

Here is a list of applications that we use for automated laboratory microsensor measurements, with a brief description of the type of measurement that can be performed.


The core application for laboratory measurements of concentration profiles using microelectrodes (Win32).

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An application for control of motorized stages (Win32).

  • Supported hardware: Micos stages with Faulhaber/Pollux motors, a LOT-Oriel motor.

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An application for control of data acquisition (DAQ) devices (Win32).

  • Supported hardware: any DAQ device from National Instruments, such as DAQ-16XA-50, DAQPad-6015, DAQPad-6020E, USB-6009.

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An application for laboratory profiling of light spectra using fiber-optic light microprobes (Win32).

  • Supported hardware: OceanOptics spectrometers, such as USB2000, USB4000.

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An application for laboratory profiling of gross photosynthesis using the light-dark shift method (Win32).

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An application for laboratory profiling of beta-radiation using the radioactivity microsensor (Win32).


A client application allowing automation of complex experiments in a user-specified timing protocol (Win32)

  • implements simple script-based programming
  • commands in a form of simple ASCII strings are sent to servers associated with different hardware or even with different applications (e.g., m-Profiler, MOLLI-server, etc.)

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