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 +==== Micro-profiling ====
 +The programs for automated micro-profile measurements (incl. [[m_profiler_howto|m-Profiler]],​ [[photo_m_profiler_howto|Photo-m-Profiler]],​ [[linpos_howto|LINPOS-server]],​ [[daqserver_howto|DAQ-server]]) are freely available only for staff of the Max-Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology and our collaborators. Click [[restricted|here]] to access these files.
 +If you are inside the MPI Bremen, you can also download them from here: [[\\tux\microsen\Lubos\programs\m-Profiler]].
 +If you are interested in purchasing this software suite, including full support, please contact us by [[contact|e-mail]]. ​
 +==== Data analysis with programs developed with Matlab ====
 +You need to install run-time libraries to run programs developed with Matlab 6 or 7. If you are inside the MPI Bremen, you can download them from [[\\tux\microsen\Lubos\programs\matlib6]] or [[\\tux\microsen\Lubos\programs\matlib7]]
 +Back to [[mpr_files_download|download center]].
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